Policy Caching

When loading a large number of models, Restify will check each policy method as show or allowRestify (including for all relations) before serializing them.

In order to improve performance, Restify caches the policies. You simply have to enable the caching by setting the restify.cache.policies.enabled property to true in the restify.php configuration file:

'cache' => [
    'policies' => [
        'enabled' => true,
        'ttl' => 5 * 60, // seconds

The caching is tight to the current authenticated user so if another user is logged in, the cache will be hydrated for the new user once again.

Disable index meta

Index meta are policy information related to what actions are allowed on a resource for a specific user. However, if you don't need this information, you can disable the index meta by setting the restify.repositories.serialize_index_meta property to false in the restify.php configuration file:

'repositories' => [
    'serialize_index_meta' => false,
    'serialize_show_meta' => true,

This will give your application a boost, especially when loading a large amount of resources or relations.

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