8.4.0 4/1/2024


  • Add support for Laravel 11 (#602)

8.3.2 12/30/2023


  • Restifyjs setup without auth middleware

8.3.1 12/30/2023

8.3.0 11/22/2023


  • Support searching string with single quotes in them #592

8.2.0 9/7/2023


  • Added natural sort filter #586


  • fix: rules method overrides already defined rules #575
  • Cleanup faker from cmd construct #580

8.1.5 9/7/2023


  • Fixed accept string in filters #585

8.1.3 9/7/2023


  • Fixed type for resolver #584

8.1.2 9/7/2023


  • sortable filter update #583

8.1.1 6/16/2023


  • change the route name

8.0.1 4/14/2023


  • docs for getters #554

8.0.0 4/6/2023


  • Support for Laravel 10 #540
  • Introduces a new option to publish specific auth actions #551
  • Take actionable fields into account when calling patch method #547
  • Custom namespaces support #549
  • New artisan restify:routes comment
  • Updated the documentation
  • 💯 - 💯 - 💯 - 💯


  • Larastan specs

7.11.0 3/16/2023


  • Support for actionable fields on PATCH method #547

thanks @dsindrilaru

7.10.11 2/12/2023


  • Now you can use the permission name for the field see authorization:
field('user_id')->canSeeWhen('can manage users'),

7.10.4 2/11/2023


  • Do not display hidden pivots.

7.10.3 2/11/2023


  • fix: do not filter belongs to many fields

7.10.2 2/4/2023


7.10.1 2/4/2023


  • Show the full path for the file when suggesting OpenAI solution.

7.10.0 2/4/2023

Inspired and thanks to Marcel for the article:

Generate solution

Restify can generate an AI based solution to your problem. In order to enable that you need to extend the App\Exceptions\Handler with the Binaryk\LaravelRestify\Exceptions\RestifyHandler:

use Binaryk\LaravelRestify\Exceptions\RestifyHandler;
use Throwable;

class Handler extends RestifyHandler
This feature is only enabled when the `app.debug` is set to `true`.

This feature is using the openai-php/laravel, you should also publish the config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="OpenAI\Laravel\ServiceProvider"

and set the OPENAI_API_KEY in the .env file.

The OpenAI key can be obtained from here.

Now the solution to your problems will automatically appear in the response:

    "restify-solution": "Line 67 in DocumentRepository.php file has an error because the method `resolveUsingFullPath()` is not defined. The code should look like this:\n```\n->resolveUsingTemporaryUrl($request->boolean('temporary'))\n```\n",
    "message": "Call to undefined method Binaryk\\LaravelRestify\\Fields\\File::resolveUsingFullPath()",
    "exception": "Error",
    "file": "/Users/eduardlupacescu/Sites/binarcode/erp/app/Restify/DocumentRepository.php",
    "line": 67,
    "trace": [

Disable solution

If you want to disable the solution feature you can set the restify.ai_solution to false in the config/restify.php file so Restify will not call the OpenAI API even you extended the exception handler. This might be useful in automated tests or other environments:

// config/restify.php
'ai_solutions' => true,

7.9.0 2/3/2023


Customizing File Display

By default, Restify will display the file's stored path name. However, you may customize this behavior.

Displaying temporary url

For disks such as S3, you may instruct Restify to display a temporary URL to the file instead of the stored path name:


The resolveUsingTemporaryUrl accepts 3 arguments:

  • $resolveTemporaryUrl - a boolean to determine if the temporary url should be resolved. Defaults to true.

  • $expiration - A CarbonInterface to determine the time before the URL expires. Defaults to 5 minutes.

  • $options - An array of options to pass to the temporaryUrl method of the Illuminate\Contracts\Filesystem\Filesystem implementation. Defaults to an empty array.

Displaying full url

For disks such as public, you may instruct Restify to display a full URL to the file instead of the stored path name:



  • fix: fixing dynamic user class

7.8.0 1/17/2023


  • Now you can add a placeholder to the filter, so it renders on the frontend
'title' => MatchFilter::make()
                ->setDescription('Sort by title')

When we read match filters using: `/api/restify/posts/filters?only=matches` we will get:

      "type" => "string"
      "advanced" => false
      "title" => "Title"
      "description" => "Sort by title"
      "placeholder" => "-title"
      "column" => "title"
      "key" => "matches"


  • Tests (thanks @arthurkirkosa)

7.7.2 1/13/2023


  • Profile request class

7.7.1 11/22/2022


  • Remove Email Exist validation #518

7.7.0 9/17/2022

You can also sync your BelongsToMany field. Say you have to sync permissions to a role. You can do it like this:

POST: api/restify/roles/1/sync/permissions


  "permissions": [1, 2]

Under the hood this will call the sync method on the BelongsToMany relationship:

// $role of the id 1


Authorize sync

You can define a policy method syncPermissions. The name should start with sync and suffix with the plural CamelCase name of the model's relationship name:

// RolePolicy.php

public function syncPermissions(User $authenticatedUser, Company $company, Collection $keys): bool
    // $keys are the primary keys of the related model (permissions in our case) Restify is trying to `sync`

7.6.3 9/16/2022


  • The rest method will consider the meta information for the rest helper: rest($user)->indexMeta(['token' => $token])

7.6.1 9/15/2022


  • Serializer - Serialize One model or nothing using the show response format #510


  • Listing routes in console #514

7.6.0 9/15/2022


  • The policyMeta method is now protected at the repository level (it could be used to override the policy information for the show and index methods.
  • Do not make RelatedDto as a singleton in a test environment (this causes issues when trying to make few relationship requests to the same repository in the same test)


  • Always public index method if no policy
  • Unit test that shows routes list command.
  • Fix Gate::check - show - not working


  • Added unit tests for the testing helpers (action, route and getters).

6.12.2 9/15/2022


  • Belongs search with custom foreign key #512

7.5.4 8/2/2022


  • The unauthorized code should be 401.